Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bida Balikbayan

This balikbayan season, Daybreak chanced upon a new Filipino fusion restaurant in Fairview that is delightfully amusing. Owned by the quirky loveteam Jolina Magdangal & Marvin Agustin, here one can enjoy his/her favorite comfort food with ease. Here are some of the fun stuff I've tried:

1. Cho Pusit
Squid stuffed with delectable chorizo, it has a bit of a kick that excites the palate. 

2. Crispy Pata flakes
This fused the lovable elements of adobo flakes and crispy pata together. Now we can enjoy crispy pata w/o having to worry how to chop it up. So convenient, you can even have this on your first date.

3. Heavenly Rice
As bright&cheery as palabok, this goes well with anything! As in!

4. White Chocolate Chocnut Champorado-- Jolina's favorite!
Kids of all ages will surely love this. 

5.Sago Gulaman
How can you say no to this charmer?:)

6. Ultimate Loveteam
Nilagang Pares? hot heavenly tenderness. Crispy bagnet? Mouthwatering crunchiness. You have to try it for yourself so you'd know I'm not exaggerating.

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