Saturday, November 1, 2014

More Reasons to Smile

In my recent trip to the City of Smiles, I found joy in the sweetest things: 

1. Cakes- the pastries & desserts in Sugarlandia are truly worldclass; a visit to the city wouldn't be complete without dropping by Calea. Their cheesecakes could be conveniently boxed in colorful boxes which you can easily handcarry.

2. Inasal- even Bacolod's native chicken is sweet sarap to the innards. Aside from the "pecho", I also like Aida's crunchy take on isaw.
3. Kansi- this sweet/sour/salty fruity bulalo is just happily comforting

4. Ruins- this architectural marvel's beauty is hightened even more with their warm & enthusiastic tourguides

5. Skincare- Skinstation is finally open in Bacolod!:) Truly, there is more reason to smile with their wide range of products 


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