Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mutya Datul: Secrets of the Salagubang Walker on the Rise

"Dati sa Isabela, gusto ko lang makarating ng Maynila. Hindi ko akalain na sa pagsakay ko ngayon ng eroplano makaka-labas ako ng Europe pa! With humility, God manages to surprise us by giving us more than what we pray for"

As I'm writing this, Mutya Datul is probably sharing a bit more of Philippine sunshine in cold and intimidating Belarus. Unaffected yet immensely competitive, she's focused on making all of us proud in this year's edition of Ms Supranational with 93 other delegates. She sashays gracefully even in the most uncomfortable outfit; she keeps her answers honest and simple, her smile sweet and genuine. Cheerfully she said she's inspired by the quiet salagubang; and we're all happy with how far she has gone and improved. Not only can she speak Tagalog and English more fluently now, she even managed to learn some Russian phrases!

Here are some tidbits about her (stuff she shared during her send-off party at the airport):

1. Lucky charm- "Rosaries from friends; I can feel their love and support through this."
2. National costume- "It's really unique! It will surprise you all."
3. Her inspiration- the support of her family, friends & fans. "Yung marinig ko lang yun boses nila, nakakatanggal na ng kaba."

4. Gameplan- "I'll enjoy the moment and do my best. Hindi ko na kelangan ng multivitamins; si God ang vitamin ko. Sa kanya walang impossible."

Hopefully the three plane transfers didn't drain her. May God strengthen her to continuously persevere and eventually bring home the crown.


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