Monday, August 1, 2016

Baby's First Trip to Manila Oceanpark

My ten-month-old daughter has an uncanny fascination with fish. I first noticed this in Gloria Maris Gateway. She was drawn to their aquarium with live fish. So much so, she forgot about her desire to grab all the napkins and her favorite siomai.

We tried showing her other aquariums of Chinese restaurants. She laughed at eels, got scared of shrimps, and gasped at other unfamiliar creatures. It was cute how she would gaze at the creatures with innocent wonder.

One day, we decided to treat her to Manila Ocean Park and availed of the 580php promo. We thought she might like the Sea Lion Show and the fountain display.

But to our dismay, she got bored with the Sea Lions. She thought the baby nearby who drank formula was more interesting; she still thinks that the baby bottle is a joke. She also slept through the fireworks while drinking breastmilk at the Symphony Evening Show. Luckily, I recorded the nice parts on video and she happily watched those at home. Touching the manta rays also frightened her; but she watched other kids do it with interest and peered at the shark that refused to be disturbed.

What she liked were the jellyfish and the sharks! We spent an hour at the Jellies Exhibit and two hours in the Oceanarium (although she didn't enjoy the Back of the House experience; pipes don't interest her). She adored the chandeliers that looked like jellyfish. She gestured jellyfish with her hands and pointed at the lights. Really cute.

Manila Oceanpark is a cooler experience when you have a baby to tag along with you. Catching her smile is just priceless.


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